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Military Retirement Bluepring Screens

Military Retirement Blueprint

UX Case Study
Redesigned Sitemap | Project Management | UX Client

Project Overview

MRB Portal

The goal of the Military Retirement Blueprint is to empower retiring military officers with the necessary tools and information to effectively plan and manage their retirement. Scott and Jen, the founders of US VetWealth and creators of the Military Retirement Blueprint is using the Mighty Networks platform to host their wealth solutions for military transitioning retirees. 

My Role

UX Design, UX Research, and Project Management



Scott Tucker and Jen Amos Tucker, Founders of the US VetWealth and the Military Retirement Blueprint

Mighty Goal


Improve the user experience on Mighty Networks Platform for their members

The Problem

Users on the Military Retirement's Mighty Networks platform expressed being overwhelmed and not able to find the solutions when the signed up to the online portal.

What am I looking at?

Where do I start?

initial sitemap
initial features
List of starting issues:
  • Too many features and buttons
  • Too many categories and redundant wording
  • Lack of focus and clarity for user experience 

The Solution

Enhance user experience for new members joining the platform. Address usability issues through user testing and site map redesign to improve navigation, and ensure that the platform's messaging is clear and easily understandable.

Conduct User Testing

Enlist existing users of the platform and  identify of pain points, usability challenges, and areas of confusion. By gathering valuable feedback directly from users and report back to client.


Redesign Sitemap

Based on the findings from user testing, redesign the sitemap to create a more intuitive and easy-to-use navigation system. Consider user preferences, prioritize essential features and information, and ensure a logical flow throughout the platform.

Design Thinking Process

Used an adaptive design thinking process, allowing for continuous testing, feedback, and improvement. Consult with client early on and inform user insights  incorporated into the redesign, and any issues or challenges are addressed promptly. 

Design thinking

User Testing Plan

1. Enlist Participants

Existing users of the Military Retirement Blueprint on the Mighty Networks Platform and with a military background

2. Remote Testing and Equipment

Scheduled 1-on-1 remote testing on Zoom with participants and had Jen (client) to join in as an observer

3. Conduct and Analyze Testing

User testing revolved around simple navigational tasks such as find wealth solutions, download new book, and how would you navigate through the platform


Male, 45-55, military retiree spouse, used platform over a year, tech savvy



Male, 40-50 years old, military retiree and veteran served over 20 years, less than a week on platform, desktop user



Male, 50-60 years old, transitioning military retiree, one month user of platform, desktop user

Additional Challenge

While I was organizing the user testing schedule, the client was getting ready to launch a new book on the platform, and they were eager to release it as soon as possible. However, this posed a potential obstacle to the user testing process, as we still needed to address the initial sitemap navigation issues.


Test As-We-Go


Rather than delaying the redesign of the sitemap until after completing all the testing, I opted for an adaptive approach by collaborating with the client to test as-we-go. We made changes to the platform while incorporating the new book, simultaneously focusing on improving member navigation. This allowed us to tackle both initiatives concurrently and ensure a seamless user experience.

User Testing

User Test 1

Keith 1


Task 01
Find a Wealth Solution

Keith spent over a minute to find a wealth solution but could not find since it was hidden within a tab

Task 02

Schedule Consultation

Keith was not able to complete task as he was overwhelmed by the different features and buttons.

Task 03

Join an Event

Keith had a difficult time with the task as there were multiple event tabs to select from.

Failed 1
Failed 2
Failed 3
Original Sitemap
misclick rate


Misclick Rate

Task Completion


Task Completion

Average Duration


Avg. Duration

Testing Adaptations:
  • Tested with original sitemap
  • Goal was to find pain points and usability errors to make improvements
Observations & Insights:
  • 80% misclicked. Unable to find solutions and searched up and down the page
  • Had difficult time understanding the main features and with navigation

User Test 2

James 2


Task 01
Find a Wealth Solution

James easily found a wealth solution under the new "Blueprint Solutions" tab

Task 02

Schedule Consultation

James was able to find schedule consultation as it was located in the top under "Home"

Task 03

Join an Event

Was not able to find the "Events" tab as it was embedded within a section

Passed 1
Passed 2
Failed 4
dashboard 2
Misclick Rate 1


Misclick Rate

Task Completion 2


Task Completion

Avg Duration 2


Avg. Duration

Testing Adaptations:
  • Revised sitemap based on first user testing and created a "Home" section 
  • Added War Chest News Feed section to prepare for new ebook launch
  • Removed in-app global features such as "Discovery" and "Feed"
Observations & Insights:
  • Drastic improvement from first user test with more clarity of features
  • Task completion improved from 10% to 75%

User Test 3

Bobby 3


Task 01
Find a Wealth Solution

Bobby was able to find quickly under "Blueprint Solutions"

Task 02

Schedule Consultation

Like James, Bobby was able to easily find the Schedule Consultation button under "Home"

Task 03

Download e-Book

Removed events task as the new goal was to download new e-book which was easily found on top of navigation bar with clear call-to-action buttons

Passed 4
Passed 5
Passed 6
Dashboard 3
Misclick 3


Misclick Rate

Task Complete 3


Task Completion

Avg Duration 3


Avg. Duration

Testing Adaptations:
  • Revised sitemap to include new book
  • Changed one task from "Join an event" to "Download e-book"
  • Revised icons and tab structure 
Observations & Insights:
  • 100% Task Completion
  • Able to download new book easily
  • No mistakes during user testing

Sitemap Progression

Initial Sitemap

Initial Sitemap

Quick Diagnosis ​

  1. The initial sitemap consists of ten different sections

  2. There are three start buttons in different locations

  3. Difficult and confusing to understand icons

  4. There are multiple categories and features

Sitemap Iterations

First sitemap



Second Sitemap
Second Sitemap
Second Sitemap
Second Sitemap
Second Sitemap



Third Sitemap
Third Sitemap
Third Sitemap
Third Sitemap
Third Sitemap
Third Sitemap
Third Sitemap



Iteration Summary ​

  1. Sitemap underwent 21 iterations in total

  2. Each iteration was revised based on user feedback

  3. Three check-in meeting were held to collaborate with the client during the process

Redesigned Sitemap (Final)

Final Sitemap
Final Dashboard

Redesigned Summary

  1. Iterated sitemap based on user testing

  2. Core sections reduced from 10 to 3

  3. Icons and content simplified for improved user experience

  4. Book download initiative integrated into the platform


from redesigned sitemap

task completion
100% Task Completion

Existing users of the Military Retirement Blueprint on the Mighty Networks Platform and with a military background

Increased clarity and navigation

User testing revolved around simple navigational tasks such as find wealth solutions, download new book, and how would you navigate through the platform

Project Management

Redesigning the sitemap for the client's Mighty Network online platform was only the first step in the process. They requested my assistance in project management to ensure the synchronization of their marketing efforts, smooth onboarding sequence, improved UI for call-to-action buttons, and enhanced CRM sales process for prequalification.

Project Management Role

Aligned Marketing Systems

Redirected all external sources, such as their YouTube, LinkedIn, landing pages, and email sequences, towards attracting new members to join the portal. Additionally, I assisted in redesigning their email onboarding sequence for new members, emphasizing the download of the new ebook within the portal and facilitating the scheduling of a call with the client.

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Email Sequence for New Members

Email Marketing Sequence

Enhanced UI for
Call-to-Action buttons

Certain sections of the platform provided the flexibility to create new pages and designs. One area that required improvement was the UI for the discovery call, which was difficult to navigate. I addressed this issue by enhancing the UI, ensuring that the call to action buttons are easily visible and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Original Page
UI Button Page

Improved CRM sales process

In addition, the client asked for my help to improve their CRM process, particularly the prequalification stage, as it posed a major bottleneck in deal progression. To address this challenge, I conducted a thorough evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing prequalification system. Based on these findings, I implemented improvements to ensure a smoother handling of new members and more efficient handoffs to the internal team.





from project management

book download button
Email open rate
10% schedule call conversation rate

With the sitemap, marketing funnel, and onboarding sequence aligned, we achieved a 10% conversion rate within a week, with one in ten new members booking a call. Improved UI and CRM processes contributed to this success.

90% book download rate 

The email sequence prompted new members to download the book, while the marketing funnel promoted the book's download by encouraging them to join the portal.

20%+ email open rate 

All new portal members received the new onboarding email sequence, which prioritized value by offering simple call-to-action buttons for downloading the book. This approach resulted in a successful open rate for the emails.

Reflection & Key Takeways


Less is More

Sometimes "less is more" principle is often effective as it prioritizes core features and enhances clarity. By reducing unnecessary elements, the design becomes more focused and easier to understand.


Be Adaptive

Working with clients and stakeholders, I discovered that maintaining a fixed process may not always be feasible due to shifting priorities and constant changes in new initiatives. As a result, I learned the importance of early collaboration and being adaptable in order to deliver the best possible outcome.


Test, Iterate, and Improve

Clients often assume they represent the user's perspective due to their extensive involvement and investment in their work. However, it is crucial to emphasize that even a single user test is more valuable than none, and iteration should be integrated into the design process. By continuously improving and testing, I was able to assist the client in achieving their desired outcome.



Scott Tucker

Adrian, in my 15 years as an entrepreneur, I've tried contracting experts for various projects, often only to end up having to figure things out myself. However, with you, for the first time, I can genuinely say that you addressed a significant challenge for us (along with many smaller ones) with a level of professionalism and expertise that's rare to find. I'm privileged to have been one of your initial clients. While your results undoubtedly speak for themselves, I wholeheartedly endorse your UX design process to anyone. Thank you! 🙏

US VetWealth, Founder

Co Founder

Jen Amos

US VetWealth, CoFounder

Considering how this was the first time our company worked with a UX design expert, Adrian left a lasting impression on us with his professionalism, attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and organization. I highly recommend hiring Adrian to provide a fresh perspective from a user's point of view for businesses facing stagnation or feeling as though their sales have plateaued. Working with Adrian was a delightful experience as he modeled patience, curiosity, and a collaborative spirit. I gained a lot of clarity and a more clear direction in our business thanks to Adrian helping us improve our website's navigation, messaging, and sales process. Overall, I recommend working with Adrian to enhance your business's user experience and online presence!

Let's get together

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