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Embracing Change: My Journey from Sales to UX and Now

Finding My Footing in Sales: The Early Struggles

  • Navigating Uncertainty After College

  • Lessons Learned: The Soft Skills of Sales

After college, I found myself adrift, uncertain of my path, so I landed a job in sales. Turns out, I wasn't cut out for it. Fast forward to today, where I hold the title of regional sales manager for a B2B building materials company. Was this what I had envisioned for myself? Not quite. Deep down, I knew I was capable of more. Yet, I can't overlook the invaluable lessons I learned as a salesperson. My role demanded refined "soft skills" like communication, negotiation, and teamwork, teaching me the art of making compelling presentations to stakeholders and clients.

Exploring Beyond the Sales Desk: Odd Jobs and Side Hustles

  • The Quest for Something More

  • Imposter Syndrome: A Hurdle to Overcome

My quest for something beyond sales led me to explore various odd jobs and side hustles, from Zumba classes to teaching Japanese on YouTube. However, imposter syndrome held me back, reducing my motivation. It wasn't until last year that I stumbled upon the world of UX Design, a field unfamiliar to many outside it. UX design, with its emphasis on empathy and design prowess, piqued my interest. Here, I could employ my sales-honed communication and presentation skills to craft products that people genuinely wanted to use. This curiosity propelled me into the realm of UX design.

The Discovery of UX Design: A New Chapter Unfolds

  • Stumbling Upon UX: A Field Unheard Of

  • Bridging Sales Skills with UX Design: A Perfect Match

I embarked on my UX design journey with CareerFoundry's UX Design Course, a decision I never regretted. With a mentor guiding me and a student tutor aiding with tasks, I delved into the unknown. Balancing my full-time sales job with part-time UX design studies demanded dedication. Being an on-the-go outside salesperson, managing my time and energy became crucial, but I persevered.

Persistence Pays Off: Extending the Learning Journey

  • The 10 to 12-Month Stretch: Challenges and Triumphs

  • Application Beyond Studies: Integrating UX into Suzuki Startups

Remarkably, the 10-month timeline for CareerFoundry's UX design course stretched into 12 months for me. However, the extra effort paid off. Armed with newfound design and research skills, I not only applied my knowledge at work but also incorporated it into my venture, Suzuki Startups, where I currently work as a sole proprietor.

UX Design: My Secret Weapon in Sales

  • Gathering Market Insights: Boosting Sales Figures

  • Seamless Integration: Blending UX Design with Sales Strategies

Today, UX design has become my secret weapon in the sales world. I use it to gather market research from customers, leading to a significant boost in my sales figures. I've found a newfound passion, blending UX design seamlessly into my work. Even as I assist other startups through Suzuki Startups, I look forward to furthering my progress in this exciting field.

Embracing Continuous Learning: A Testament to Perseverance

  • Reflections on the Journey: The Power of Never Giving Up

  • Moving Forward: The Endless Potential of Learning

In hindsight, my journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and continuous learning. When you find yourself lost and uncertain, keep going, embrace new skills, and never stop learning. Your next passion might just be waiting around the corner.

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